Friday, July 3, 2009

Strategic Plan, “Excellence for All”

The Board has a duty to oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan. But the quarterly reviews on the Plan that staff has presented to the Board have not been comprehensive. The Board has been a passive audience at these presentations. The updates have consisted entirely of highlights selected by the staff in which they list their achievements over the previous quarter.

Instead, the Board should run these meetings and the Board should dictate the content of the updates. That content should include, at a minimum, a status update on every one of the 36 projects in the Plan and an update on the timeline for each of the 36 projects in the Plan.

The Board last received a quarterly review of the Strategic Plan in March. There was no quarterly update in June, nor will it come in July as the Board has no meetings scheduled for July other than the Board meeting on the first. There is no strategic plan update on the Board calendar for August. The next update may come in September at the Board Retreat, or it may not. The staff didn't provide the update and the Board didn't ask for it.

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